About Us

Brilliant writing is not enough to captivate and control the attention of users.

In modern days a well experienced writer can tell you that your content should be organized with strategic elements. The content should be more interactive and connect with target users.

Fortunately, bloggers can build those engaging skills.

Hi, my name is Maria. I am 29 and I am a passionate blogger. It is my full time job. I have been writing blogs on different topics for the last five years. 

From Passion to Profession

Back in 2016 i found an article about “Blogging”. At that time i did not know more about this but that moment changed my entire life. I was very fascinated by that piece of content.

Within 10 hours of reading that article I decided to write my own Blog. I designed my first blog. In which I explored various things. 

That was a great achievement for me as I got a chance to learn amazing things. 

My blogs got positive responses and I have started to generate income. 

After that I put more focus on writing innovative and interesting blogs. Now I am a full time blogger – Ghost Quest.

I started Ghost quest in february 2021 as i wanted to provide great solutions through articles and case studies to all.

Why Ghost Quest?

At Ghost Quest, I believe to provide reliable, brand new and high quality ideas and solutions to people. I am immensely excited about it. 

Moreover I wanted to connect with other bloggers to gain more experience and learn about the latest trends.

If you want to know more about us please get in touch through my contact details.

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