Event Photography Ideas That Will Captivate Your Guests

The job of event photographer is important as he is responsible to capture special moments in his camera. Event photography is an interesting task. If you are going to organize an event and find some difficulty for event photography then explore our innovative photography ideas.

These crucial tips will definitely enhance your photography skill. Moreover, you are able to tell your story in a more efficient way.

What is your main objective behind the Story?

Firstly, one must know what you are looking for. What is the theme of an event? If it is a wedding event then it will include all ceremony photos, attendees group photos and family pictures. Or if it is a professional business meeting then the mood will be different and hence the type of photos will also be unique.

Let say there can be any product launch or board meeting. Showcase some relevant photos related to the product, team members and other official guests will be the real motto.

Equipment you use for Event Photography

The instrument you will use to capture the memories has a huge impact and it can either make or break your event.

Therefore choose your camera body, lenses and lighting tool wisely so that it can easily click all pictures in both day and night times. Both indoor as well as outdoors.

Choose perfect Camera Settings for Event Photography

Selecting the perfect camera setting for your event photography can be a tough job. There are different types of settings for different occasions.

Learn about some important camera settings :-

If it is a concert event then the exposure mode is the best choice as manual exposure mode is able to capture the lights even in bright lights and deep shadows. The manual exposure mode produces consistent results without any compromise with photo quality.

Apart from that Aperture mode is another one of the convenient modes for event photography. For any musical party use Aperture mode, shoot wide open and with maximum aperture of your camera lens.

Moreover in some cases, continuous focus and burst mode works well for event photography. If your attendees are in moving state then the burst mode setting would be the best option.

Meet your Client’s Expectations and Demands

There should be a good understanding between you and your client. This will enable you to get the perfect shots.There are some questions you must ask your clients for best results.

  1. What sort of pictures do you want from this event?
  2. What is the main  theme of the event?
  3. What are the special moments to cover?
  4. What type of event photography do you like?
  5. In What certain areas you are not interested?

Everyone wants a successful event photography shoot. With proper flow of communication between you and your client helps to generate the best results.

Create a Checklist to Capture Main Photos

Whether it is a wedding event or reception party a shot list can help you and your client to perform their activities in a better way. Hence it will save huge time and effort.  

It will also help your client about your services and limitation of photo sessions. Hence your client will know what to expect from you and you will know that to offer. Moreover this checklist will guide you to cover every important moment and you will never miss any shot.

Be Careful about Candid Moments

Every photo tells a story. It is important to capture formal shots in birthday parties or wedding events but at the same time never forget to click candid moments as these photos also hold special value.

Candid images are more natural and personal and these are the ones your client appreciates the most.

Shot for the Best Expression

A successful event is all about capturing versatile expressions. The expressions of the guests act like cherry on a cake that makes the shot more memorable.

Event photography demands you to be smart and innovative. Try to capture touching moments and smiling expressions. An expert photographer always finds it easy to capture precious moments. He will wait for sometime and finally capture the best shot.

Design the Photo with Suitable Frame

Enhance the beauty of the image by filling the frame with the subjects and capture charming facial expressions. Only consider shooting powerful moments that are important.

Make your Attendees Feel Comfortable

To take the best shot it is very crucial to make people comfortable. Whenever you find someone looks clumsy or uncomfortable, encourage them. Ask them to smile and be natural.

Tell them a joke or something funny and just make them busy. In this way they feel more open and enjoyable.


In a nutshell, Event Photography requires a huge amount of creative ideas, smart approach and entertainment. To make your event memorable photography plays an indispensable role. Be authentic and innovative. Always focus on your goals. Most important, cherish each and every moment of an event.


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